Program Work

Advance Manufacturing Technology understands Quality is not an afterthought, it forms our way of doing business.

Our Work

Advance Manufacturing Technology works together with our customers to create things that have never existed before. Our customers have exacting standards in development, manufacturing, testing and with final revisions that must be met. We understand the process from initial idea all the way through final inspection and approval to ship. We know each step and take pride in our work.

Highly Machined Parts and Assemblies


We meet the technical aspects and tight tolerancing that helps your project succeed. Our focus is helping you build out what's in your imagination. That's why we've been able to work directly with firms like Northrop Grumman, L3 Harris, and Curtiss-Wright.

Imaging Equipment
F5 Tiger
The Predator Drone
The Hellfire Missile
Missile Silo - Defense
Tow Missile

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We provide in-person tours of our machining facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah. Schedule a visit to understand our approach, perform due dilligence on our technology, meet our team, and make an informed decision as to whether our firms can work together.

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